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What IS ChemPup?
ChemPup is a unique software system built from Puppy Linux with numerous useful chemistry programs. Currently ChemPup-1.0.1 and ChemPup-1.0.1-lite are available.
Office Productivity:
OpenOffice.org-3.0 - full office productivity suite compatible with MS Office
JabRef - reference manager that syncs with OOO3
Firefox - web browser

Chemistry Programs:
GElemental - periodic table packed with information on each element
Nomen - simple nomenclature tool
JChemPaint - 2D chemical structure editor
JMol - 3D chemical structure viewer and force-field minimizer
Avogadro - 3D chemical structure builder with built in force-fields and molecular dynamics simulations
OpenBabel - chemical file-type converter
SciFinder Scholar - online scientific journal database (must have site.prf file added from school administrator)
ChemTool and GNotebook - spreadsheet templates with useful chemical equations, conversions, etc.

How Do I Get Started?
Click HERE for the ChemPup Quick-Start Guide.
Click HERE for FREE ChemPup ISOs (requires registration).
Click HERE for ChemPup CDs or visit the ChemToolBox.com online store.
Why ChemPup?

ChemPup is built from Puppy Linux 4.2.1 which is a very smallflexibleportable
and complete operating system. How is it so different and useful?

1. ChemPup loads its entire system into RAM memory.
Although this process takes slightly longer to boot (depending on hardware configurations) it ultimately runs very fast on even low-spec (old) computers.

2. You don't ever have to install ChemPup on any computer.
That's right! No Installation Required. Simply boot from the ChemPup CD or USB flashdrive.
See the ChemPup Quick-Start Guide for more information.

3. You may install ChemPup to a hard-drive partition (advanced).
This can be done in two ways, "full" or "frugal" installation options. A "frugal" install is recommended as it may be installed on a NTFS formatted hard-drive along side MS Windows. This does require some additional working knowledge and the user is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to consult the www.puppylinux.org documentation before considering this option. The only significant advantage is that the CD or DVD is no longer needed at boot-up if ChemPup has been installed.

How Can I Support Open-Source Software?
Donations may be made via PayPal and will help support continued development all the way down the line.  See Chip-In! to learn how the proceeds flow.  CDsDVDsUSBs, and geeky Tees are available and further support the linux community.

Screen Shots:
GElement - Complete Periodic Table

JChemPaint - 2D Structure Editing

JMol - 3D Structure Viewing and Minimizing

Avogadro - 3D Chemical Builder and Minimizer with many Templates

OpenOffice3.0 - Office Productivity Suite (compatible with MS Office)

Extras (standard with Puppy Linux 4.2.1)

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